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Sell a Filling Station

Selling a Petrol Station? Our Process.

Selling a petrol station or filling station is a complex process. Take advantage of UFuel’s years of expertise and a nationwide network of buyers.

Our value is that we do for you what would be a very time consuming and costly process in a constantly changing environment.

We sell petrol stations professionally and we continuously take the pulse of the marketplace. Avoid the pitfalls of an expensive learning curve in the sale of your most important asset.

Here is what we do for you:
• Market your petrol station professionally.
• Sell your petrol station confidentially without any interruption in the day-to-day business.
• Work with you to maximize your business value.
• Screen and qualify many buyers and only bring to you those who are ready, willing and able.
• Provide the necessary separation between you and the buyer during negotiations.
• Work through the details of financing and closing the sale.

Here are the steps to our process:

Our Sales Process
UFuel is uniquely qualified to sell your business.  Our highly effective sales process is comprised of the following premium brokerage services:

Initial Consultation
During the initial consultation, we will determine your goals, objectives and reasons for selling your petrol station.  We will then explain our services, capabilities and the details of our representation. Lastly, we will gather information to provide you with a formal proposal and listing agreement.

Business Valuation and Operational Analysis
We start by analyzing and recasting your petrol stations financial statements. Then use our years of experience and valuation training to provide you with a highly credible Brokerage Opinion of Value (BOV) and Most Probable Selling Price (MPSP).  Next, we perform a detailed operational analysis that will provide buyers with an accurate description of the benefits and advantages of your business/petrol station.

Comprehensive Marketing Plans
Your business will receive maximum exposure to a targeted audience across media platforms:
• Online: We will actively promote your business on multiple high profile Internet Website.
• Print: Include high-impact blind advertisements in newspapers, magazines and trade journals.
• Direct Mail: Large-scale, targeted direct mail programs used to reach a qualified pool of buyers.
• Buyer Database Marketing: Buyer database searches are performed on in-house and industry databases.
• Cooperative Brokering: Access to a large network of brokers and intermediaries via the Institute of Business Brokers South Africa (IBBSA) and the International Business Brokerage Association (IBBA)

Customized Marketing Materials
We develop a general summary that is custom-designed to generate interest in your business through our online, print, direct mail and database marketing programs.  In addition, we produce a Confidential Business Review (CBR) that provides screened and qualified buyers with the financial and operational details of your business.  The CBR is a source document for your business and is relied upon by the purchasers and their advisors to substantiate and support the rationale for acquiring your business.

Buyer Screening and Qualification
We require all prospective buyers to sign our Confidentiality/ Non-Disclosure Agreement.  This agreement prohibits them from contacting anyone associated with your business and from releasing information about your company to anyone other than their professional advisors, who are also bound by the agreement.  Buyers are also required to fill out our Business and Financial Profile.  This profile provides information on the buyer’s employment history, financial status and the type of business they are seeking.

Facilitation and Close of Sale
We will work on your behalf with buyers and their advisors to clarify their understanding of your business’s financial and operational issues.  We will oversee the due diligence process and provide on-going negotiation services to arrive at the desired pricing and terms of sale.  To keep the transaction on track, we will document the satisfaction of all contingencies.  We will ensure that you have a smooth closing by coordinating closing responsibilities with all parties involved including buyers, sellers, attorneys, accountants, lenders, financial planners and landlords.

Why Choose Us?
UFuel has been dedicated to serving our clients with professionalism, integrity and confidentiality.  As an innovative leader in the business brokerage industry, we continue to raise the bar by demanding the highest standards of our entire firm.  Our commitment to professional development, customer service excellence and world-class marketing serves to support our goal:  The Successful Sale of Your Business

Our commitment to professionalism is demonstrated by the rigorous standards that we have set for our team. Our business intermediaries are strongly encouraged to earn and maintain the Certified Business Broker (CBB) designation from the Institute of Business Brokers South Africa (IBBSA).  The CBB designation is recognized as the gold standard in education for business intermediaries and is your assurance that ethical individuals who have an exceptional technical knowledge and a track record of success represent you. Our team combines this specialized training with years of real-world experience in business ownership, law, accounting, marketing and sales management.

Our firm strictly adheres to a code of ethics and standards of practice established by the Institute of Business Brokers SA (IBBSA) and the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA). UFuel is quickly becoming recognized as the most trusted name in the business transfer industry because of our uncompromising dedication to these principles.

We employ the following techniques to guard the identity of your business and safeguard sensitive information:
• Blind newsprint, Internet and direct mail advertising
• Strict non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement policies with potential buyers.
• Internal policies that secure your financial and proprietary information.

Valuation and Pricing Expertise
You have worked long and hard to build your business.  When it comes time to sell it is essential to partner with experts who can guide you in establishing its maximum selling price.  We receive the most current training available on valuation and pricing methods through the IBBSA and the IBBA.  We combine practical experience and local market knowledge with our technical expertise to determine your business’ true earning power.

World-Class Marketing Programs
Our marketing programs are among the most aggressive and comprehensive in the industry.  We provide your business with extensive exposure using proven professional marketing strategies including premium internet listings, custom print advertising, highly targeted direct mail campaigns, in-house and industry buyer database searches and cooperative brokering. To maximize the impact of your marketing program we track the results, adjusting your program to focus on the most effective methods.  Our ultimate marketing goal is to secure multiple buyers who will compete for the acquisition of your company.

Customer Service Excellence
The driving force behind our ability to deliver outstanding results is an unwavering commitment to customer service. Our administrative support staff efficiently handles multiple ongoing functions such as database management, customer service support and transaction coordination.  Their all-inclusive abilities allow our business intermediaries to focus on their core responsibilities of working directly with you and the prospective purchasers to achieve a successful outcome.  You will find that we are highly responsive and always available to provide you with thoughtful support and guidance.

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